water-proof fabrics code 1001

Water-proof fabric code 1001 inside out waterproof nylon

Yarn type : Nylon and polyester with Judun design

texture type: warp and woof

coating type : coated by duplex PVC

Thickness : from 50 micron up to1 mm

Weight per square meter :from 600 g up to 1200 kg

Power stretch is according to the number standard of issue 88 TL-6-4: In order to warp 86240 kilo newton per square meters

In order to woof 83600 kilo newton per square meter

( According to the order , no color restriction )

Indications : military uses , for kite construction in the aviation industry ,for water supply pool for irrigation and Agriculture


 , super resistance coatings in  industrial animal husbandry and agriculture, maintenance of grain silos coating , pipes for water transfer