panchu the anti-gas and water proof clothing

Pancho , Gas and water-resistant clothing

Decamond manufacturer of military clothing such as pancho , clothing and soldier accessories and ....

Pancho , Gas and water-resistant clothing


 Cape or pancho:


The cover is used for rainy weather , and it is 100℅ waterproof and windward .This cape is quite wide and is designed so that the backpack can be hidden under it. It height is usually up to knees and with cap .Pancho is device that has a lot of functionality and in all stages of the journey can be used of it as raincoat ,mat ,mat , tent for shelter ,sail boats, water collector and e ct. It is also used to keep car or boat .

 Indications:  In Army to sentry soldiers  coating , in the gardens ,agricultural areas that use of sprinkler irrigation

From the most important Decamond clothing and military products properties can be named the following steps :

 Anti bacterial ,anti fungus , antivirus,  unpleasant smells decrease, anti-static ,skin biological balance preservation and product Hygiene freshness during physical sportive and military activities. The Upon attribute constancy even after 10 washing time ,anti allergy