decamond Industrial manufacturing


  Founders of Decamond Industrial manufacturing company after the victory of Islamic Revolution and inspiration of Imam Khomeini`s decree , based on that " any one who thinks that can do work something to the  Islam benefit and the muslim worshipers benefit  , not wait for superior orders , this is the Islamic rule"  were on it that in order to achieve self-sufficiency and independence in the field of production a kind of waterproof fabrics and chemical gas proof ,enters in the sphere of the global wide-industry. After the Preliminary checking and necessary technical knowledge and information collection that lasted several years , the company was registered and established in the 1967 year to be able to self collected information and knowledge during the past period of time, In the sphere of action present to  consumer market. 

At this stage , engineers were able to help local artisans available technical knowledge , without the slightest affiliation  , to exploit their trial the first of inside  coating  car in 1967 and with complete and optimize production conditions until the 1993 succeed  to receive production license a kind of coated fabrics from ministry of industry Tehran province

In 2000 the founders and engineers working night and day , the company was able without any dependence on chemical formula equip all the machines an row materials , their production massively supply to consumer market.

Survey conducted from company production consumers in field of different industry, indicates the subject is that the company products not only had the  ability to compete with their foreign similarities but in many cases also has exceeded of them.

Today the company and its manufacturing collection is capable  more than 200 its products, that all of them  has found their niche I consumer market supply and produce mightily.