costum manufacture of sporting goods

costum manufacture of sporting goods



Decamond company has production preparation different types of sporting goods such as : boxing bag , gloves , wrestling mats , different type of mats that all of them are sturdy fabrics and waterproof. Applicants  that who ability to distribution or sell of these production  , for further negotiation contact us.

Boxing bag

Boxing bag is one of the oldest and most effective of training devices  , unfortunately , boxing bag impacts  is not known to increase the speed  and power and to increase tolerance in boxer ,completely.

However has been proven for boxing trainers ,one of the best training devices is boxing bag.

speedy Left and right practice 

This is one of the good and useful exercises with boxing bag. This is the practice that for 15 till 60 seconds ( according to the athlete ability) entered with the intensity and speed of all the left and right fits that boxing bag will be not the opportunity to go back to back..

Get attention that this exercise have to run with maximum intensity and power.

This exercise named to name of olympic training because runs in most olympic boxing camps in different countries.

Suggested time change in exercise in speedy left and right technique. For example sometimes can be done instead of 4 rounds in a 30 seconds  ,10 rounds , 15 seconds with 45 seconds rested between them.

This change in exercise can be geared author of speed and power increase.

One of the exercising plan

One of planning of other exercise

10 rounds of 1 min of power boxing

This exercise has designed for specialist boxers effects for power increase.

Last speech

Boxing bag is one of the best exercitation accouterment a boxer to increase power and speed of hand movement.

Suggested in practice with boxing bag divide days of the week. For example work on the day on the skill and another day on the power and speed  .