fishpond- pool

fishpond- pool


Decamond company with self innovation has managed the expense of the pool construction enormous to the possible minimum

The production of a new geomambrane for the first time in Iran , by Decamond company. In this type of geomembrane resolved geomembrane disadvantages and limitations and the coating  more powerful than has been released to the consumer market.

Method is type of geomembrane is in this way that first by road construction machinery manufacturing, location of the pool gets drilling to amount needed and then without anything else , we spread Decamond sturdy and resistance and water proof fabrics in place of drilling .!!! Yes ,It can be done so easily.

In addition, the benefits of this work are as follow

The benefits of the Decamond new pool:

-Pool execution time is very short and unbelievable.

-Cost compared with concrete pool is really small and insignificant.

-The pool can be easily moved and in fact , you can take pool floor waterproof fabric and spread at another location

Very high resistance-

 -In front of the potential displacement of the earth  does not enter any harm  , but concrete pools have  quit and probably fracture.

 stored water  extra cleanliness of -

With this method of making a pool so far many project have been implemented.

If necessary , you can you can run location  address previously received from us and visit

The use of these pools :

1-pool water supply to farm and plantations

2-fishpond and aquaculture