geodecamond a type of geomembrane

geodecamond a type of geomembrane


Geodecamond is a new product and with quality and very cheap that has been production and supplied to consumer market. There is a similar functional geomambrane with the difference that is from main base of sturdy and resistant fabrics.

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What is geotextile :

Geotextiles are products that used in the foundations , under the soil ,on the rocks ,each level is covered with soil , order or any other similar that in earth Science Engineering or related materials and in constructional projects , road construction , soil stabilization and or unstable cliffs.

Geotextile Major application  :

1-The isolation role in the road

2-Road cushion

3-Road recap

4-Rail road cushion

5-Dyke construction

6-Evortion control

7-Subtraneat drainage

8-Protector walls

9-Wastes maintenance control

10-Gas and liquids elect system

11-Geomembrane protection


12-Stability and consolidation of rail roads.