sleeping bag



Sleeping is one of the human necessities that considered for refection particularly ,so comfortable and soft  and warm sleeping bag is the essential accouterment of nature friendly and scaler that can used in multy-day programs that needs to stay night in the mountain. Sleeping bag is a basic and important In mountain climbing ,because it is anti moisture and picket against the cold from us. Sleeping bag by consumed materials that in it provision and based on the ability to maintain temperature and resistance capability against the cold, are divided to two types of feather and fibers.

Sleeping bag sewed to form of pouchy that consist of waterproof fabrics and fiberglass. In cause of being the fiberglass , sleeping bag is warm and soft. It coating with a waterproof fabrics is due that to prevent from water and insects infiltration. This sleeping bag used in trips and mountain climbing. Of features of this sleeping bags are , them lightweight and comfortable.

Decamond company is the biggest sleeping bag manufacturer in different size ,type , color and gender in the country .