the modern green house

Modern greenhouse


The modern greenhouse is where that is controllable environmental conditions including temperature , light and humidity.

The purpose of construction of it is products-breeding outside of the season, water saving , the use of high quality seed and soil to achieve maximum profitability.

Greenhouse division:

A)based on the shape of the building , is constructed , to forms :three sided, two-sided and half duplex.

B)In terms of the greenhouse structure is included two groups: permanent and temporary.

Greenhouse durable , is different to based its gender ,polyvinyl chloride ( P.V.C) ,polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) ,aluminum ,wood , pipes of galvanized metal.

The greenhouse framework should be have a resistance against adverse conditions such as sever winds , snow accumulation.

Automatic ventilation valves glass , shielded doors , also are an important component of the greenhouse design.


At the work beginning , expense , may , limited , a guy to having  a small greenhouse , but after a while can expend it. 


Structure of components of the greenhouse:

1-The greenhouse structure

2-The transparent cover of the greenhouse

3-Greenhouse rigs


5-Fans of the green house

6-Greenhouse work room

Advantages :

1-Resistant and very sturdy

2-comfortale and easy repairs

3-Insulator against heat and cold

4-Excellent light penetration

5-Reduce the time of harvest