special orders

special orders

Decamond company ready to costumers ` orders offer , in term of size , design , and fabric type for different uses , such as : silo coatings , tent ,bags ,water pool and e tc.

Offers and example of the work done

1-Advertising  passenger  tent

2-Temporary  detribalization  tent

3-Exhibition  tent ( temporary exhibition  establishment )

4-Waterproof  canopy  and  anti-rot  by sunlight

5-Advanced home flowers  construction  and  anti-rot by resistant coating  and  heat insulator

6-Advertising  bags

7-Advertising  balloon

8-Cellphone  bag

9-Conference hall establishment  by waterproof  fabrics

10-Waterproof  mat  special  hospitals  and emergency

11-Waterproof  working  clothes  and  windward

12-Waterproof  jacket

13-Waterproof  pinny

14-Laptop  bag

15-Sleeping  bag

16-Corpse  bag ( waterproof  and  anti-air influence )

17-wheeler  purchase  basket

18-Special  bags  for hunting equipment( hunting  weapon , fishing accessories )

19-Spicial  bag  for music  instrument ( guitar ,daff )

20 –Ornamental  and hygienic  bags

21- Safari flexible seat

22- For calendar  binding  and due date

23- Tractor and tug coating

24- Waterproof  fabrics  for pneumatic  structures

And whatever is sewn by waterproof and resistant fabrics

Please contact us to order your desired product